Community Grow Outs

Community Grow Outs

Want to Preserve Heirloom Seeds?

Join our Community Grow Out Program

Nana’s Naturals runs an annual Community Grow Out Program. We pack dozens of samples of heirloom seeds to mail across Canada in order for gardeners to preserve them in their own communities. The 2024-2025 program will cap at 25 participants.

Why? Foremost, our goal is to explore heritage seed histories and preserve these varieties, but we cannot do this alone! To support heirloom preservation, it is important that gardeners locally grow and share heirloom seeds.

To apply please fill out our application form. There are no requirements, except a gardener with a strong desire to preserve these varieties. Specific varieties are chosen at random.

2024: Sorry, there are no community grow outs this year. Please check back in late fall 2024-2025.

Bean, Bush (Dry Use) – Poroto Huancabamba, Shafer Heirloom, Maria Zeller

Bean, Pole (Fresh Use) – Ascherslebener Meisterwerk, Sultan’s Golden Crescent, Clarence Kane

2025 Grow Out Application Form

*One seed pack per gardener

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