Kaiser Friedrich

Kaiser Friedrich

(Emporer Bean, Empereur Frédéric, Kaiser Friedrich)


According to the 1889-1890 German language Benary, Ernst Haupt-Samen-Verzeichniss the Kaiser Friedrich cultivar is a stabilized cross between the ‘rheinischen Speck-‘ or ‘Zucker-Brech’ with Mont d’or wax bean. 1

“Very large vigorous plant, usually exceeding meters in height, with green stems slightly tinged with purple as well as the petioles of the leaves; medium foliage, clear green, abundant. Pink-white or pale lilac flowers; yellow pods strongly tinted with carmine, absolutely without parchment, curved, a little flattened but quite swollen in front of the grains, […] Breed has good resistant to disease, very productive, but very late, having on the other hand the disadvantage of being very high, of requiring very large rames and of being quite difficult to pick, the first pods always presenting themselves at a great height.” (P.g. 105-106, C.Denaiffe‚ ‘Les Haricots‘ 1906)

Pg 105, C.Denaiffe‚ ‘Les Haricots‘ 1906Pg 106, C.Denaiffe‚ ‘Les Haricots‘ 1906
Pg 13 Benary, Ernst Haupt-Samen-Verzeichniss, 1891“(New 1890) The 22-25 cm long pods are golden yellow with a pink tinge, […] thick fleshed, extremely juicy and without strings. An excellent green bean whose pod formation is so rich and persistent that it can be picked continuously until autumn. flat is in good condition” (Pg 13 Benary, Ernst Haupt-Samen-Verzeichniss, 1891)
Pg 2, ‘Ernest Benary’ Catalogue, 1909“Long, golden-yellow pods with a pink tinge, thick-fleshed, without threads” (Pg 2, ‘Ernest Benary’ Catalogue, 1909)

Pg 26, ‘Haage & Schmidt’ Catalogue, 1910
“Very thick-fleshed and tender, full-bearing” (Pg 26, 1910 Haage & Schmidt Catalogue)