Buy Rare Heritage Garden Seeds From The Canadian Prairies

Rare Heritage Seeds Grown on Canada’s Prairie

Our hobby garden In Manitoba, Canada is dedicated to preserving rare heirloom seeds. We grow organically and use these good substances in nature – compost, manure, soil, water, and seeds!

Pg 5, Joseph Harris Co., 1924

The Database

Read About the Histories of Rare Heritage Seeds

Our database contains the information of dozens of heirloom varieties. It was created in an effort to preserve the histories of heirloom seeds and share the stories behind each variety. Here we catalogue growing information and individual variety stories for gardeners.

There are thousands of heritage varieties on earth waiting to be discovered! Try something new this year with a “new” heirloom variety. Each garden that continues to grow and share these historical seeds continues on the life and legacy of an amazing heirloom.