Blue Jay

Blue Jay

“Found as chance seedling by Illinois grower Russell Crow in 1977 and it bred true.” (BC BE S, Seeds of Diversity, 2024)


There are two variations of the Comtesse de Chambord. The more populous variation has small narrow white seeds. The second variation (Comtesse de Chambord BN226 in the SSE), and seed mother of Blue Jay, has slight larger and stouter white seeds. As mentioned by Russ Crow,

“I reacquired the bean (photo on the left) from Two Wings farm in 2012, but the seed seemed smaller than I recalled in the ’80’s I had donated seed (picture above) to Seed Savers Exchange that was the seed mother of Blue Jay. Then during winter 2013 I requested from my donations this same version of this bean. When the seed arrived. Low, and behold a bit larger white seed the way I had remembered Blue Jay’s seed mother.” (Russell Crow, A Bean Collectors Window 1)

These 2010 Seeds of Diversity articles by Shirley Bellows recount the near extinction and success story of the Blue Jay bean, and a comparison with Comtesse de Chambord:

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