Dr. Jelka Šuštar Vozlič from the Kmetijski inštitut Slovenije (Agricultural Institute of Slovenia) shared that,

Indeed, črešnjevec is an old Slovene common bean variety, with different names (cesnjevec, cresnjevec, cesnovc…) and different morphological types (from pole to dwarf types, different colouring of seeds,..). From which place it originates, it is not known. There is indeed a village in the municipality of Slovenska Bistrica in northeastern Slovenia, named Čresnjevec, but there are at least to my knowledge no indications that it would originate from this place. In fact, common bean originates from Middle and South America and was spread to Europe, including Slovenia, only after Columbus discovered Americas. The name might originate also from the name ‘cesnja’ or ‘cresnja’, which means cherry. Its seeds (at least some types) are like cherries.

Cesnjeves has a long history of cultivation in our country and is still grown today. The picture is from an old catalogue of a Slovene seed company, from 30th of the previous century with different ‘cesnjevec’ varieties.


‘Characterization and Genetic Diversity Changes in the Slovenian Common Bean, Cesnjevec Landrace’ by Marko Maras, Simona Sušnik, Vladimir Meglič, and Jelka Šuštar-Vozlič.